February 2017 Fabletics Collection: Outer Limits Continued

Hi loves and happy first day of February!! This month's Fabletics review is all single items that I purchased in the store and one full outfit. This was one of my favorite collections of 2016 because it had a lot of versatility as well as purples and pinks. I purchased a lot of items from this particular collection so the review is split into two, you can find the first review for the Outer Limits here.

You can find these items for sale on the Fabletics site as well as the new showroom that came out today!

Mosa Tank and Salar capris

This outfit was very comfortable to work out in. I got both the mosa tank and the capris in an xxs and they fit true to size. I love how soft the fabric is for the mosa tank as well as the open back with mesh. Its a little baggy so sometimes I do prefer to just tie the tank in a knot while I work out. I could have sworn I already had a pair of black salar capris, but I have almost 100 pairs of yoga pants now so, I can't be sure. I got these for free at the grand opening of the Fabletics store at International Plaza. They pretty much fit like they always fit, perfect!

Aventura tank
Winn Mid rise capri

This was the only full outfit I purchased from this collection. I am a fan of the capris because of the waistline. They pretty much fit like the regular salar capris true to size. I love the color and print that they had for outer limits also. I have so many of these tanks and I like them, however after several workouts they do get stretched out. The good thing is, they don't cost much and in a lot of cases you can get them for free with your VIP perks.

Isabella seamless top

This was my breakout item for this collection. I would not have looked twice at this top, but someone showed it to me and I thought the detail on the arms and back were everything! It was perfect to wear during the month of Christmas because it matched my tree. I found this top to not only be really cute, but it was really comfortable. This is the first of a style like this in the showroom since I have been a VIP member and I like it. It fits true to size, mine is an XXS.

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