VLOG CITY LIFE: 2 Years in the City! Camera Roll!

Our birthday month, we are the same age for 21 days.

Hi loves! It's been a little minute since I did a "city life" update. This update is actually for February the month of birthdays in my family, but it's chronicling my 3rd year in the city as of March 2016. I can't believe how fast time flies! I can't believe it hasn't even been a year since we sold our house & paid off our vehicles! With that being said, what are my/our plans for the future? Tampa is under a major boom right now in the downtown/Channelside area and they are building so many new high rises and restaurants. We really want to wait and see what we can get for our money and what upgrades will be offered by living downtown (right now more than 25 new condos are planned to be built in the next 1.5 years). It's going to be hard for me to leave the area that I am currently in because I love it here!

Tequila Lime Chicken wings
Foodiva: Last month I had fun trying some new recipes as shown above and also old favorites as shown below. Since we had 4 birthdays this month, I would say at least half of the month was spent eating out. I tried pretty hard to stick to my regular diet, but I can never win in February. Winter has completely evaded Tampa so I will definitely be out running. Having finally had a romantic vacation I feel super renewed and so ready to jump into my usual monthly projects, new recipes, as well as my usual blogging/vlogging. I almost feel like my new year just started.

my "secret" recipe lol. 

Baked salmon & veggies

Home life: Dem Babies got new dresses. They are so huge I had to return the first one so right now this is the only new dress they have. This Zika virus scare has been messing up their play schedule because I don't want to chance it since I live by the water. I am working on getting them so new and fabulous toys as well as more dresses. As usual I am all about good food, good wine, good life. I am looking forward to trying some new things and having a great time. FYI: For now I am  not updating my VLOG on YouTube FashiontoliveTV, however the same posts will be here in print.
Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed the update!

cute birthday gifts from my family

painting and wine class

birthday girls

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