February 2016 Fabletics Haul- Making Moves (Dance Inspired)

February's Fabletics review is one of my favorites, it was a dance inspired collection that came out around September/October. At first, I was on the fence about dance inspired workout clothes for all kinds of activities... I decided to make my first purchase with the intentions of wearing it for leisure. Ankara was the perfect outfit to wear in October to an outdoors festival. It was totally comfortable and I didn't mind being outside in the grass in it for several hours. The only item in this set that I have never cared for is the Ayni sports bra because no matter what size I buy it in, it just isn't comfortable for me. My favorite thing about Ankara is the sexy stomach and ankle straps.  I still would not wear this outfit to workout in because the straps kept coming loose every 5 minutes.

Rose Top
Gardenia Crop
Ayni Sports Bra

Next, we have Florence which I love! I love how loose and flow this outfit is. I wore this outfit on Thanksgiving and I was cooking all day. I didn't really have time to put together an OOTD and I knew this would be perfect since I would be hosting and going back and forth a lot. Also, it didn't come with the sports bra that I am wearing in the photo.

Violet top
Florence pant

Lastly, I have Vienna. I haven't had a chance to wear the lilac tank yet. I love the Tuberose capris because of that small amount of lace detail on the calves. They are comfortable, true to size, slimming, and they are great for winter. I have done pilates and yoga in these capris and they are super comfortable.

* Unless otherwise stated everything is true to size. I usually wear an XXS in the capris/shorts and tops. Certain sports bras I may buy a S or XS. These outfits are still available in some sizes here.

lilac tank
Tuberose capris c/o

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