November 2015 Fabletics Jump Right In Collection)

This months Fabletics review is one of my favorites because the theme was the Florida Keys. I love the colors that they used because they reminded me of the beaches in Florida. A lot of these items are now on sale here since this collection came out in May.

Sinclair Top
Moro shorts

The Sinclair top was not one of my favorites. Its ill fitting on me and I don't particularly like the style. In general, its too hot to wear the majority of the year.

Sanibel Island was my favorite! The love hoodie is so cute and comfortable. I love the fold over salad capris and they are super soft. The samana sports bra is cute, however the straps have little plastic buckles or clips which can be uncomfortable.

Sanibel Island

Love Hoodie
Salar Capri Fold-Over
Samana Sports Bra

West Lake
Oula Tank
Rio Run Crop

This outfit was really simple and straight forward. I was drawn to it because it was one of the few sets that was priced at 49.95. I like the simplicity of it. The Rio Run crops are a different material than all the other bottoms I have purchased. They are soft, stretchy, and a bit spongy. They fall on me right at the back of my knee cap. Since it didn't come with a sports bra I pair it with any that close in color.

Aventura Tank
Suva Run Short II
Seven Sports Bra II

I love the colors that were used for this set. This outfit is so comfortable you can do pretty much anything in it; the suva run II are much longer than the suva run I also. The seven sports bra II has a really cute strap design unlike the seven I.

This jumper is so cute and comfortable. Its hard to zip up yourself though. I haven't had a chance to take pictures in this, but I have worn it several times. The length is perfect. Its also great if you need to throw something on really quick to run to the store.

Moorea sports bra
Salar capris

This is not a actual outfit, its just two pieces I liked together. The Moorea sports bra was a hard one for me. The way its made I had to go up several sizes until I found one that fit. Its got a built in bra with padding that is really tight. Its so tight I have to get help putting it on and taking it off. Once you get it on its very comfortable. These capris I love for the color and they fit so perfectly.



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