August 2015 Fabletics Collection -Double Duty-Full Outfits Downtown, Crandon, Overtown & Bal Harbor

Hi loves! I didn't have time to film the Fabletics haul in August, but I have it all ready to go right here. This collection came out in February right in time for Valentines day. Other than the purple outfits I reviewed in June, I had gone a few moths without purchasing. So, I was pretty excited to see these colorful outfits after a long winter.

 To see more in the Fabletics website click here and get 50% off your first order. Almost all of these items are now 40% off if you click the box that says "Fit Finds" it will take you to them. Happy first day of September!

Berlin Tank 
Suva run shorts
So the first outfit I have actually lost track of the name of it. The great thing about Fabletics is that you don't have to buy the full outfit if you don't want to. This for me works out because a lot of their tops and sports bras get repeated every month and I actually save money by just buying the shorts and pairing them up with the top or vis versa. These were my first time purchasing the Suva run shorts. I like the fabric which is very different from all my other work out gear. These shorts come with a built in pair of underwear. I decided to cut them out which worked out fine. These shorts in my opinion are the shortest that Fabletics sales.

The outfit below is a compilation of other pieces from other outfits. I purchased the hamilton sweats for lounging around the condo. They are not as thick as the hamilton 1 that came out during the winter. These are very comfortable and I wear them constantly. They actually came with a purple sweater which I forgot about since its summer, but the sweater is soft and comfortable also.
Aventura tank white
Hamilton sweatpants
                                                                          Vassa sports bra

This is one of my favorite outfits to work out in. The Doon sports bra is a long time favorite as well as the super soft Oula tank. These were my first pair of rio run capris. At first I was not a fan of the capris because I felt like  they made me look short. Anyhow, they grew on me because they are so easy to run in they are made of a nice stretchy fabric.
Oula Tank
Rio Run Capri
Doon Sports Bra

I solely bought this outfit to lounge in, however the sports bra and capris are exactly the same as the other ones I work out in. Once again I love the colors. They looked a bit lighter on the website and as you can see they are a bright neon pink color.

Aruba Wrap Top
Salar Capri
Kemi Bra

 This set is one of my favorites! I love everything about it. This was my first pair of fold over capris and they are so soft and comfy. The t-shirt I also like because you can wear it two different ways.

Bal Harbour
Switch Back Tee
Salar Capri Fold-Over
Samana Sports Bra



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