VLOG CITY LIFE: August 2014 5 Months in the City, Will My Condo Ever Be Decorated?

Hi loves!!! I am loving it here in the city. I am however, ready for Fall! I just realized that it is 5.5 months since I moved into the city. Summer has been such a whirlwind of events. I have never been a fan of summer because it seemed ever since I was about 17, anything that was going to go wrong always went wrong during the summer months! Well, I have about a month to go yet but, summer in the city has been quite nice. I have enjoyed it and I spent all of August basically trying to get back to "my life" and out of "vacation mode". I am so looking forward to Fall and seeing that beautiful view of the ocean on a not so humid and blazing hot day. I have so much awesome things planned in September and October that I can't wait to share with you all!

August consisted of two things: fitness & decorating my condo.

Fitness: So, I really didn't want to do too much after I returned from NY because I lost some weight while I was there. So I decided to take it easy for two weeks and then I got back into my regular stride. I have had a sudden influx of Fabletics outfits (so much that I made a space for them in my office closet) which has lead to motivate me to do more.

Decorating: So, I have been hitting a wall all year when it comes to decorating. I lost about 800 sq ft when I moved and I basically have been struggling with my very large furniture and coming to terms with the fact that I need new furniture. I have somehow become obsessed with Ikea since they have so much ergonomic furniture.

 I decided to focus on the easiest room, my office. It was already furnished. I brought 99% of my old furniture with me (because I love that furniture)! I just wanted to take the overall interior design into a different direction (sorry Hello Kitty Headquarters). After months of not doing much, I finally figured out what I wanted and I am glad to say my new office will be finished by the end of this month! I am still at a loss of ideas for my bedroom though lol.




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