Natural Hair: Cute Braid Out (Plaits) Part 1 (tutorial)

Hi loves! So I was trying so hard to make a short tutorial and when I uploaded it to my laptop it was 25 minutes! uugghhh. I have to make this a two part video unfortunately, but it will be much better that way in my opinion because I wont have to cut out unnecessary stuff. 

I just clarified, deep conditioned, and oil rinsed prior to making the video (that took an hour and a half). I was pretty sure I was overdue for a clarification and a deep conditioner, and I always oil rinse. I am not sure how long my hair will take to dry because this actually is the first time I have ever plaited my hair since going natural. I have done some videos when I first went natural, but they were all braids (or cornrows as some might say). With that being said, I totally underestimated how long this would take. The plaits took way longer than my usual twist out. 2 hours! I am so worn out right now and praying that this style lasts longer than 7 days.

I did braid the hair to the scalp in the front for a smoother look.



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