Natural Hair: 2014 Update Regimen Series (Quick Trimming on Wet or Dry Hair)

Some key points from the tutorial:
I always apply a light leave in conditioner before I detangle with a wide tooth comb root to tip.

I trim, but technically its dusting the ends. I do not cut off that much of my hair which is why I can do this every 5-6 weeks. I have always trimmed my hair this way since I was a teenager.

Trimming regularly promotes growth, length retention, and cuts down on single strand knots.

I still cut my hair the "deva" way, but when I do not feel like doing that I cut it this way because it is a lot quicker. It employs the same basic method which is why while styled in a wash and go it still appears that my hair has been shaped via a "deva cut".

Click here and here to watch the Deva Cut Trimming vid.

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