Stylized: How to Tie a Mens shirt into a dress (video 1 of 2)

Hi loves! So this look was inspired by an OOTD I am doing tomorrow. I wanted to upload the video on how I tied the shirt before hand so I would all ready have explained it before I post the OOTD.  In this video I am using my husbands size 17 1/2 (neck size) shirt and it fits like a dress. Tomorrow I am using a 15 1/2 sized mens shirt and it actually will fit as a tunic or shirt. The larger the mens shirt is you use the more coverage you will have :-) The best part is the accessories which you will see tomorrow.



  1. Really?! Are you sure that these are just shirts? I love them! They don't look any shirt to me at all, well, except for the third photo where the buttons are visible. Nevertheless, it looks amazing.


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