Weightloss Testimony! Get sexy NOW!

Alterations oct 2011 125 lbs
Its been a long journey for me. It took me 2 years to gain all the weight and I didn't really try diet and exercise until 2010. I failed miserably. My youtube video cataloged my journey and how I lost 70 pounds with very little exercise. I hope that this can inspire someone else who is trying to loose weight because it is possible! I dropped 10/11 sizes and I have never felt better! Here is the most recent photo of me...

              YouTube Weight update 8/2012

This photo on the right was taken on Thanksgiving Day 2011. I am wearing the same Guess sweetheart dress in both photos. The photo on the left was me in February 2011.

Yes this was me in February of 2011 right after I started my diet. I had lost about 25 pounds at this point.

Here is my Youtube Video on how I lost 70 Pounds.

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