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City Life: February 2017: Pisces Season + My Fitness Closet

Valentines Day

Realizing ones own self: As a child I was always sickly. I was the premature baby that grew into childhood  asthma; chronic laringitis, and bronchitis, and was kept in doors if the temperature dropped below 60 degrees. I was limited on running, playing, and lifting anything.

I grew into the most stubborn teenager that even a few days after surgery, I snuck out of my bedroom window to rescue a stray cat which I named Millhouse only to be caught by my parents. As I got older, and had another surgery, I developed a hard headedness that made me feel like " I am strong, I am not weak" even if I pushed myself too hard. 

I took up Pilates and unfortunately, I did gain a lot of weight (due to Celiacs undiagnosed at the time), but the whole time I never stopped. Now, as I am nearing my 33rd birthday I am amazed because at one time I was so sick I never thought I would see 30. 

I did Pilates for 10 years and resisted yoga with a fierceness, but something inside of me was lacking and one day it just clicked. I realized, I needed yoga and it wasn't like some fad were women try to look sexy in poses. It meant I can be strong. I can do stuff that others can't and I am still sick. It may seem strange, but I guess if you have been sick all your life you would get it. Having people treat you like you could break at any minute...

Yoga opened a door for me that was never there because no one wanted me to do anything that could possibly make me sick so I remained stagnate. Ironically, I found out I probably have rheumatoid arthritis and when I was sick and stopped yoga last year  my whole body stopped. And I understood I can never stop.

Not only am I motivated, but every time I manage to do a new pose my face lights up and I think " I am strong". Always strong. I love that. I hope that you guys enjoy my journey with pilates, yoga, and calisthenics because its like nothing else to me. I meditate every day. I can't even believe it. I do yoga on vacation when I used to go on vacation and just try to recover from the beatings my body took on a daily basis. 

So, one thing I have realized is that a lot of what holds me back in yoga is fear. I can do so many poses and have no issue, but my own personal fear of hurting myself is hindering me.


I wanted to share this project that I have been working on which was my fitness closet. It consists of a few shelves in my office closet. I got a great deal on the hangers from the container store. I actually used baby hangers for my sports bras and huggable hangers for my tops and pants. Some people prefer to keep their clothes folded and in drawers, but I am a very visual person and I like to see everything at once so I can decide what I want to wear - I also have no room in my dresser. I have run out of space on that bottom shelf for my yoga pants so I came up with a cool hack below.

The hack: So I have run out of room for all of my workout gear and I had these two wooden boxes sitting around that my husbands whiskey came in. I have also seen wine packaged in wooden boxes. These boxes are sturdy and slim, so I decided to tightly roll my yoga pants and place them in there. I successfully got 17 pairs in these two boxes and I didn't have to spend any additional money!


Baked hot wings for the superbowl

This is taco in a bowl inspired by "taco in a bag" with corn chips.

Red Thai curry soup with fresh herbs from my garden

GF- Roast chicken leg quarters with black eyed peas and rice. In this instance I boiled down my spring mix (yes, you can do that, just like greens) and ate them on the side because my own spring mix was about to expire.

A closer shot of my spring mix, they look just like collard greens or kale.

Butter peas with more spring mix and roast chicken leg quarters. I don't have butter peas very often, but they were great!

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