VLOG CITY LIFE: October 2014, 7 Months in the City: Living Life Feeling Free That's the Way It Should Be

For some reason I have been feeling some type of way today. This week. This whole year...I did not feel like vlogging like the whole month lol. I still wanted to write this update as it is 6 months (going on 7) since I have moved from the suburbs to the city. Moving (and being a country girl all my life) has given me so much perspective. Going to New York actually made me appreciate the small city that Tampa has to offer. In the last months I have just been pretty happy to be here thinking about how much I hated it in the burbs in retrospect, I feel like that was a lifetime away. I feel quite spoiled and blessed at the same time.

So, everything is awesome and its finally autumn and I am just thinking where am I going to be by this time next year? Since I have moved my possibilities as a blogger have expanded because I am now in the epicenter of activity for this area. It motivates me so much. I have spent the last month and a half trying to make my condo feel like home. Buying kitchen gadgets mostly since my office is now finished. After going hard all summer with the vlog I just felt pretty burnt out and needed a break. With the season change I kinda crashed for a good month. I just ate what I wanted, slept a lot, and worked out very little lol. I stayed in the kitchen though because I love to cook. Fall is my favorite time of year and so for some reason the season change took me by storm for some reason. Anyhow, I am feeling a lot better now and I am motivated and excited!

*All of these pics can be seen on my instagram page also @fashiontolive and I am working on a vlog for my channel +FashiontoliveTV so please stay tuned!

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