My Big CHOP!

So I cant believe that I did it! I did the BIG CHOP! Lol. I actually was really calm when I did the semi big chop then the big chop because I am not my hair and I am not defined by how my hair looks. I got my hair cut this month January 2012, but my hair stylist didn't cut it short enough. Frustrated with the relaxed ends I cut about 3 to 3.5 inches off myself. Since then I have been experimenting with curly styles and products learning what works for my locks. I feel so light and free now that I do not have to get a relaxer. Not only am I saving 85$ every 3 months, but I not longer have to deal with the dry itchy sensitive scalp. I am happy knowing that one day I will have (once again) Long beautiful hair, but it will be healthier and if I have a daughter one day I can look her in the eyes and tell her that she is beautiful the way God made her and I know she will believe me because she will be a true reflection of me.

Here are some recent photos of my TWA in this Youtube video...

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