Vacation in Historic Dunedin at the Fenway Autograph Boutique Hotel Camera Roll and Hotel Review Recap

Hi loves! Today I am wrapping up my trip to Dunedin with a quick recap and camera roll. These are all vacation photos specifically taken for this post and will not appear in any other post. Dunedin is quite magical. It is renewed for having one of the most walkable downtown areas in the United States. Main Street is charming in a way that I haven't seen anywhere else. Everyone is in a great mood and just out to indulge the senses. Dunedin is only 17 miles from where I live in South Tampa, but for those on the outer areas of Hillsborough county (one of the largest counties in the US) this could in fact be a long drive.

The historic Fenway Autograph Boutique Hotel is nestled right off of the downtown area and boasts views of Honeymoon Island, Clearwater, and a few other nearby areas if I understood correctly, This hotel is a main destination for weddings, but a lot of people like to venture out here just to dine at the hotel restaurant HEW Parlor and Chophouse.

Being that this is a historic hotel rooms are modest. Given the design of the hotel a lot of the rooms actually face parking lot space, that is why the window blinds are closed. We were housed on the first floor in the first room on the floor. This was not ideal for me at all, but it was a free trip for me so why complain...There are rooms however on higher floors with views of the water. My room was actually very close to the hotel lounge so during the day and night with the wedding party there it was kind of loud. Sunday, during brunch, they have live jazz music which we also could hear from our room because it was literally steps away. Overall, the room was comfortable and it was modern- it had an Amazon echo as well as a fully stocked bar and mini bar with lots of gluten free snacks just under the window which was impressive.

Prohibition Entrance

HEW Parlor and Chophouse
Dinner, brunch, and lunch at HEW Parlor and Chophouse was pretty good. Coincidentally the chef knew us from another restaurant we frequented. As soon as I was told that I knew dinner was going to be great- which it was.

While in Dunedin I had to go to the beach because the weather was perfect. Dunedin had two of the most beautiful beaches in Florida- Honeymoon Island State Park and Caladesi Island. These beaches are great for shelling which I love doing. 

The Livingroom on Main

The Black Pearl of Dunedin


Hifi Rooftop Bar
The view and ambiance from Hifi Rooftop Bar is to live for! We spent a lot of time up there enjoying the view, the drinks, and the sea breeze.

Yoga by the pool

Although the trip was short it was super relaxing.



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