Official Birthday Dinner: Show Up & Show Out! Satin Slip Dress + Jimmy Choo

This is my "official" birthday dinner post. I had the whole thing planned out while we were in Destin and I had the dress, the location, everything- and then we find out the restaurant was seasonally closed. This is not something I am used to hearing  being from South Florida, but I can understand Destin is practically in Alabama and it gets cold up there. So, I had to scramble to find another restaurant to go to and honestly where we went was not on the level of which I would spend a birthday dinner at. 

I actually purchased two birthday dresses in case one did not fit so when it was decided I would have a proper birthday dinner I just decided to wear this one because the purple princess gown had its moment and served its purpose of making me feel special on my birthday.

This is my first satin slip dress, I ordered it because it was purple not realizing it matched my Louis Vuitton clutch perfectly. I felt like this look was perfect for a decadent night out in laid back St. Pete. We went to Sea Salt last Fall maybe early Winter and found it to rival some of our local favorites such as Ocean Prime and Eddie V's so I wanted to return. Their oysters and King Crab is phenomenal  and it's actually cheaper than in Tampa. The place will run you a pretty penny though especially if you are like me and love oysters and King Crab.

My hair was in a bun previously (as seen in my last post from the Hamilton pre-show dinner) and all I did was take it out of the bun and brush it out a bit. The style was about 9 days old and honestly, my hair will break off if it is in a style like this for even a few days. Unfortunately, I had some breakage on the left side from the bun and its pretty short now. This is why I rarely style my hair and just do simple styles. My hair is pretty strong and resilient, but my hair is fine and the strands of hair are thin and under tension they break easily. I did however film a YouTube video this week and it is up. I have been working on some new videos now that Daylight Savings Time has passed and we have more sunlight during the hours that I am more active. I am so happy about that!!!

Satin Slip Dress: lulus

Heels: Jimmy Choo Romy in Champagne

Lipstick: 3-Way Fenty Beauty

Sea Salt St. Pete: Everything below is gluten free

This time we visited Sea Salt we opted for the Sommolier's choice which basically means the Sommelier chooses which oysters you get to try. We had five different kinds and the Pink Cove and Pirates Cove were the best in my opinion. The Pink Cove was very briney and salty and the pirates Cove had a great saltiness with a watermelon finish.

Lump crab cake

Cesar salad

Prime steak

Alaskan King Crabs

Creme Brûlée with popcorn cotton candy



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