Housewife Life: Self Affirmations + OOTD Green Men's Button Up + Maxi+ Sandals (Editorial)


I know I told you all earlier this year I do NOT like writing editorials, but this year, there is something in me that just wants to share. I want to talk about something that I just don't address because I never felt like it was anyone's business. But, I thought about it for about a year and yes, I think, I may have something to say that is not "noise". I want to talk about choosing not to work and being a housewife...

Men's shirt: H&M (In store)
Maxi skirt: not recent
Flats: Shoedazzle
Earrings: Perry Street Piper Drops in Coral Rocksbox
Bracelet: Gorjana Power Jemstone Beaded Bracelet Rocksbox
Lipstick: Mary Kay Bold Red

I became a housewife at 26 when I lost my job and I did have unemployment and I used that money from all the years I worked two jobs to get my degree in Criminology from the University of South Florida. My husband and I met when we were in high school and I pretty much had been taught that a wife should not have to work if she did not want to. My husband- then boyfriend agreed. I was only supposed to work up until the time he graduated.


So, a lot of people get puzzled and ask me questions like "what do you do all day?" "Don't you get bored?" and the favorite "When are you having kids". For me, being a housewife isn't being the sterotypical housewife shown on t.v. as much as people try to paint me in that caricature. I always start my day out with my husband.

So, when I start my day out I ask myself "What do you want to accomplish today?" "What are your goals?" and lastly "How do you feel?". These are self affirming questions that should be asked no matter what your occupation is. I always ask my loved ones "How was your day?" What did you do today etc. There was a point in time, where I worked two jobs to pay my husbands tuition and our bills and there was a time when I had a crappy job before I was married and no one ever asked me "How was your day?" when I came home.


This post isn't just about being a housewife (which is an occupation despite what some people say), but about living life to its fullest and caring for others. For a long time I never even wanted to address that I was a housewife to my subscribers, but there is nothing wrong with that. When I moved to South Tampa there were so many housewives that did not look like me, wore yoga pants, and carried designer bags, and I laughed and said " That will never be me." But it already was before I ever moved from the suburbs.



So, I want you all to ask yourselves, "What do I want to accomplish today?" before you roll out of bed, I guarantee it will make your day so much more positive and productive! And there is nothing wrong with being a housewife if that is what you choose. I catch a lot of shade from family and friends because I became a housewife at 26, but I am super productive and when I am productive my husband is productive.



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