My Current Beauty Routine with Charlotte Lacroix

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Products were provided to me by Charlotte Lacroix, all opinions are my own.

1. How do our products work?
    • Our products are based on plant stem cells, a cutting-edge and clinically proven technology in anti-aging; they are vegan, cruelty free and based on natural plant ingredients
    • These plant stem cells will stimulate the stem cells in our own body, helping them produce more elastin and collagen
    • The stem cells underneath our skin are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of our skin

2. We use top of the line ingredients that will restore your skin's youth and resilience:
    • PHYTOCELLTEC ARGAN: extract of Argan tree Stem Cells, known as the best activator of the skin cells, building natural collagen and elastin to support the skin
    • MATRIXYL 6000: very powerful anti-wrinkling peptide that evens out skin and smoothens wrinkles, particularly on the forehead and crow’s feet. Only ingredient that has been clinically proven to be effective, doubling levels of collagen in the skin. Matrixyl has been recognized with the 25 Years of Innovation Anti-Aging Award
    • DERMCOM: based on an extract of Golden Crocus, a yellow flowering plant well-known for its great anti-aging properties: it can reverse the aging process by renewing the skin’s resilience and firmness and rejuvenating the skin texture

3. You don't like the products? We take them back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED



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