VLOG CITY LIFE: May 2017 City Life: Fitness, Vacation, & Celiac Awareness Month (Plus A Thank You!)

Hi loves! I know everyone is looking forward to this holiday weekend right? I had such fun this month! I wanted to post my "City Life" post early so I can tell you all that this holiday weekend I will be taking over @Nimasensor Instagram for Celiacs Awareness Month. I hope you all check out the posts, it will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

This month has been one of my busiest months (work wise) so I have not really had a lot to say because I have basically been so tired. My weekend vacation came at the perfect time because both myself and my husband needed a little get away. Unfortunately, as soon as I left Tampa my RA flared up and I had to deal with my hands and feet on fire and tingling with pins and needles all weekend. Luckily, I was able to do yoga, my saving grace because I am not the type of person to take medicine unless its absolutely necessary. I did do yoga everyday of our trip, sometimes twice a day, but on this day I was like "hey, I am outside and it beautiful, let me strike a few poses". 

The funny thing is that I can't swim and I never wear swim suits anymore, but this one was sent to me to review by Just Fab. It was crazy to see the body transformation I have made since last June when I realized I had extreme joint issues and needed to do yoga almost everyday. I would love to do more fitness and food updates and talk more about Celiac disease on my platform in the future. Every year I go through this in May because I always wish I could do more... That is why I am so proud that I am a brand ambassador for Nima and that I am doing this Instagram takeover this weekend. 

I hope that in the future I can be stronger and more confident in sharing more of my day to day life. As I get older, I do see there is a lot of judgemental and hateful people and it makes me as an introvert shy away, but that info needs to be shared for the next person who needs it. Thank you all for supporting the "City Life" vlogs the last 4 years after I transitioned from video vlogging. I think its so cool that you all read them and it inspires me to get up and get moving when I don't feel well. 

 *I received these products complimentary from Tabbisocks.

Yoga Progress

My new Mediteddy and Sketchers


Peaking chicken with rice noodles and fried green beans

Spinach GF sandwhich wrap

Roast chicken leg quarter with yellow rice and Puerto Rican styled red beans

Spinach omlette

Slow cooker pork with shrimp, bean sprouts, and rice noodles

Grilled chicken and veggie pasta

Shrimp pomadoro with pan seared chicken

Baked salmon with french cut string beans and organic rice blend
Spiced chicken thighs with rice, collards, and great Northern beans

My special gluten free spicy noodle soup.



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