VLOG: April City Life: Spring in the City

Hi loves! April really got away from me with all that was going on so I am just going to share a camera roll of the month. We had a pretty interesting month as far as restaurants. I had better luck this month with getting less wheat symbols while out, I only had one massive incident at a local Asian fusion restaurant which you can read about here.

Green Lemon

Roys Hawaiian Fusion



I don't visit the Olive Garden very often, but the Zuppa Tuscana is my favorite soup. They never label it gluten free because they don't know 100% is in the sausage. I have always eaten it and never gotten sick, but I wanted to test it with NIMA to  be sure it was gluten free. I got a smiley face- which I knew I would. If you guys are interested in purchasing a gluten sensor I now have a brand ambassador code FASHIONTOLIVE if you use my code you will get 15.00 off your starter kit!

I hit some new fitness goals and am pretty excited!

I have been using this yoga strap for the last 3 months in order to regain full function of my right leg. I had surgery over a decade ago and since then I was unable to bend or stretch my right leg fully. Now this is how far I can stretch it. I plan to continue to use the yoga strap. Also, this yoga strap is great for traveling.

All gluten free organic foods cooked by myself. Recipes available on request.

Nigerian fried rice with roasted leg quarters.

Nigerian fried rice with curried cod fish.

Southern beef stew with noodles (I usually use egg noodles)



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