VLOG CITY LIFE: An Enchanted November In the City + Holiday Table Setting

Hi loves! It seems we find new ways to have fun every month in the fall, maybe its because I love fall, or maybe its just me being motivated. Either way, this month was another awesome month. We actually visited a few more new restaurants this month and had a lot of fun. We went to a few old favorites and were disappointed due to their inaccurate gluten menus, but, thankfully, I had NIMA. We are at the end of the month and I feel like it has flown by especially this last week because of Thanksgiving. As usually, I have so many videos to film and I am behind. When the time changes it just messes me all up and I am hoping going on vacation will help me get back right. Fitness is still on point, this last week was the only week I couldn't work out and that was because I have been cooking and packing for both myself and husband. This was a truly enchanted month! There is still a few days to go so stay tuned!!

I have decided to stop vlogging on my second youtube channel since Snap Chat is what is in now. I will be vlogging on vacation, but it will be on Snap Chat user name Fashiontolive.

I discussed my holiday table in my Thanksgiving OOTD post. I had a lot of fun putting it together and it matches my Christmas tree, which I will reveal in December. I hope you guys enjoy it, find it fun, and inspiring. This is the first time I did a holiday themed table so it was interesting for me. You can find a lot of these items at Crate & Barrel, I am no longer promoting or shopping at the other store; due to their unethical store practices.

I am not super into black Friday, but I ordered some wedges and shirts for hubby and I. Our trip is coming up and it has become tradition to wear Burberry on the first day. I do plan on doing a haul. I am obsessed with this box. 

My husband and I go on a lot of vacations and weekend get a ways, but this trip I think means a lot to us because it is a trip we have truley splurged on and its all paid for and stress free. Its hard to explain, but, going through grad school and 10 years of college kind of makes you broke lol. Our first year having a small amount of money we paid for my parents to go on their first cruise because they were so supportive while we were in college. This year, we are just doing us for the first time. I can't wait!

We ventured out to Timpano this month and I was skeptical that I would have anything to eat, the gluten free menu was sparse, but their steak and pan seared muscles were out of this world! I also loved their (red) sangria.

Hubby's food. Some kind of prawns, it was not GF, although it looked amazing.

This night was a total disappointment. Aqua and their fake gluten free menu. They gave me beer broth by accident in September and then in November I had NIMA and they attempted to make me the P.E.I. muscles with just a white wine broth and no fries (at the same price no mind you), but it still tested positive for 20 ppm gluten.

Baked sole with squash


Smothered chicken with kale

Baked salmon with pan seared green beans

Slow cooker leg quarters with kale & white quinoa
Baked leg quarters with quinoa and kale (this was my favorite of the two).



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