VLOG CITY LIFE: September 2016 Trying New Things All Over the Bay & Getting Fit

September has come and gone, it was a tremendously stressful month, but I had a lot of fun visiting new restaurants and places with the hubby.

Life: This months project actually was re-starting my failed herb garden.  So far I have quite a few herbs that I purchased as well as kale and I am hoping my new approach to gardening will keep them alive. This month my husband and I met some goals that we set a year ago which is really cool.

Fitness: So, I actually went HAM and ended up working out in 100 degree weather with my husband and fainting and thus, busting my knee on the ground. So now, I have to do workouts that don't put pressure on my poor little knee until its healed. That happened 3 weeks ago and my knee is finally not hurting everyday, but it does get sore after working out.  As far as my progress I lost like one pound, but overall I feel great and probably am only looking to loose 4 more. I have been working on new yoga and pilates poses and my goal is working on how limber I am so I can do more advanced poses.

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trying new gluten free foods at Miguels

I finally bought these boots that I have wanted since I saw them at the Neiman Marcus fashion show last year

We tried another new restaurant in Tampa called Aqua. They had some pretty great margaritas.

Another new restaurant in Tampa- Oystercatchers. This one was ok. I tried oysters for the first time. I did not like them.

10 year anniversary party at Green Lemon

We ended the month with a trip to Sarasota, this is the view from our hotel balcony.

Florida Grouper with Calamari and Veggie Kabob
Baked jerk chicken thighs

Orange Thyme chicken with peas and basmati medley rice

*recipes available upon request



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