Washing Hair Every 30 Days Routine (YouTube)

37 day old twist out

My hair 37 days ago


Hi loves! This is a follow up video to my video about dealing with a chronically itchy scalp and tender head here. I wanted to show how much build up I have after 30 days because I know that that can be hard to comprehend (going over a month without washing). My hair doesn't produce much sebum and I don't use a lot of product in my hair which is why I can go so long in between washes. Washing does stimulate blood flow to the scalp and can trigger growth, however, I also feel low manipulation helps to retain length. During the 30 days I can massage my scalp to help with blood flow anyhow.

This is my complete routine. The only thing that may differ is what hair products I use. In this video I use natural and organic products because the gels and conditioner I used were also natural and organic. The only time I would use a hair product with say, a mild Dimethicone -such as my staple Giovanni 2Chic- would be if I had also used hair products with mild Dimethicones previously.

Items shown
Coco Conscious Collective Straight Transformations Purifying Gentle Cleanser here
Coco Conscious Collective Straight Transformations Conditioning Shine Rinse here
Coco Conscious Collective Straight Transformations Smoothing Deep Treatment 2oz here
NOW Grapeseed Oil

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