VLOG CITY LIFE: May 2016 I Finally Meet Nima- 6Sensorlabs VIP NIMA Event Orlando



Hi loves! I am so excited to share with you all this vlog of my trip to Orlando. I was a VIP guest at a dinner hosted by 6Sensor Labs. 6Sensorlabs has been working on a beta version of a device that can test you food for the presence of gluten up to 20 parts per million! The 6sensorlabs team has been working on this device named NIMA for a while now and back in October I preordered NIMA when the started kit first went on sale. I am still waiting to get NIMA the mail date has been moved back as they continue to test the beta version; its now projected to mail out in the fall. 

Initially, when I heard about NIMA I thought "this little device can change my life" as well as others that suffer with Celiacs Disease or even a gluten sensitivity. I was super excited to go to this VIP event so I could finally see and touch this device. I also got to test my own food and I got to ask questions about NIMA. I am happy to say I can answer a lot of questions anyone may have about the device if they are interested! You can find more detail about NIMA as well as info on their starter kit here. You can check out my vlog below or just click here!

Chicken corn chowder


My food Dana's Parmesan Crusted Chicken and mashed potatoes

Hubby's food grilled salmon




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