Weekend Style: 100% Recycled Outfit From My Closet- Florida Style-

This is 100% a recycled outfit from my closet. These items are some of my favorite and I love to pair them with other items for fun. A lot of people think that I wear only dressy clothes and full makeup 24/7, but most of the time an outfit like this is my go to (especially if it s hot). I love these heels because they are so comfortable and easy to walk in. 

This weekend I did two things to honor Prince's passing, I got my purple highlights in and I went to the store to buy the brightest purple flowers they sale. The top two pictures I enhanced the amount of purple so my hair matched (I was a bit jealous lol). I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! XOXO

*Maybeline Baby Lips Lip Gloss

*Purple hair tutorial here



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