Lilly Pulitzer Collective Haul July 2015 (Blog Only)

So since the whole Lilly for Target debacle the store & prints have actually grown on me. Although I don't like all of the prints, some are very cute and do remind me of my love for Florida. I have picked up a few more items over the last few months that I usually wear while on vacation with the hubby.

These bright prints actually make it quite easy for me to plan and pack for a trip because I pair one print with one solid. Pretty simple! This also cuts down on the amount of extra shoes I pack. 

As far as sizing goes I had to spend about an hour in the store trying on different things to get it right. It depends on the fabrics, but in all of these items shown I wear an XS or 0. The only fabrics that seem to run small are the shift dresses which have very little give or stretch and in those I am a 2, but I have not purchased any as of right now.

So here are the items I picked up. I hope you all enjoy the blog haul!

                                                                            Sienna wrap here
                                                                       Fisher bikini top here

        Walsh shorts here I am going to get a tank to match these shorts and I will update it with a pic.

                                                                   4" Addie shorts here

                                                              Deanna Tank Romper here

                                          Sarina Racer Back Tank (this one sold out in XS) here

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