VLOG CITY LIFE: May 2015 Moving Forward In May with Lots of Great News (YouTube + Pics)

Hi loves! May has been great! As you all know we finally sold our home and we can finally move forward totally with the new life we started in the city. "City Life". That has always been the inspiration for my vlog because moving into the city was a bold and unexpected choice for me and no one expected it. I pretty much grew up in the country and figured I would always stay there. This month I had a lot going on with my family (my brother graduated as well as mothers day and other things that were great you will see in the videos below). One of my projects this month was to start my garden on my balcony which for me, was so fun. 

Another thing going on this month that I have yet to be able to address is that it is Celiac Awareness month. I have been looking for a way to spread some information, but on a personal level since this is something that I suffer from. Because I want to go a more personal route its taking me some time to figure out what all I want to say. I hope to come to some kind of conclusion before Celiac Awareness month is over.

I have included some of the pictures from my photo shoot that were not used, but they were sent to me. I hope you all enjoy them as well as the new banner on my blog. I am hoping to do some kind of fitness update since its been about a month and a half since I was in the gym (due to being sick). However, I have been keeping up with pilates. 

Ulele Tampa, my food on the bottom and right which is gluten free. The grit cakes here are amazing!!

Animal Kingdom Lodge

My brothers and I 

warming up for pilates.





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