Lilly Pulitzer For Target Epic Fail--This is a Lilly Pulitzer Haul Darn It!

Hi loves!! So I know my title is confusing! I tried my best to get my hands on at least one item from the Lilly for Target Collaboration. Unfortunately, due to their website problems I was never able to even access the Target/Lilly site before everything sold out. I had hope still and went to two of my local Targets where everything was sold out and an employee gave me attitude for even asking about it. I went online and saw what I expected, people price gouging on Ebay. Over 100$ for a Lilly for Target dress that was originally 38???

At this point, I am pretty annoyed and there is no way I am going to another Target and I sure as heck am not going on Ebay. Well, I did what seemed like the obvious choice. I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store to find a dress! This was my first time stepping into this store and I was so glad the employees were nice. I had a great experience. I tried on several items and I settled on the crop + skirt (you all know I love crop tops). I wanted one of their mod styled floral dresses, but the one I liked was not in stock in my size. Since I made my wish list last night I knew I wanted a maxi dress and palazzo pants. I couldn't find any palazzo pants that I liked, but I did get this dress --the last one in my size-- off of the mannequin. So, I have never really been about Lilly Pulitzer and I live in Florida. I have to admit I do like the style and the bright colors. I will probably be back for a few blouses. And p.s. they gifted me the make up/ jewelry bag for shopping there today. 

Now Target, I am side eyeing them hard right now for how this collaboration went down. 
I honestly feel bad for everyone like me fighting sleep waiting to gain access to their website only to see everything was sold out. I feel for everyone who waited in line and some selfish people came in and grabbed everything only to sell it for 3 times more on Ebay. 



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