VLOG CITY LIFE: February 2015 A Birthday Trip For the Family Cocoa Cay, Bahamas

Hi loves! So this trip has been in the works for a long time! It was a dream for my husband and I to take my parents on their first cruise because they have been so awesome since the day we got married. This was a celebration of all types. It was my birthday (the 27th), my mom's birthday (the 28th), and my husband's way of really celebrating graduating and really kicking butt at his job. My dad was celebrating the all you can eat buffets lol. 

I wasn't about to let anything stop me from taking this trip and now that it's over we have some great experiences and memories to share. 

The first part of this vlog shows our trip to the private island owned by Royal Caribbean, Cocoa Cay. The pictures more or less are our first day at sea as well as the island Cocoa Cay.


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