VLOG CITY LIFE: November 2014, 30 Days of Vacation

Hi loves! Sooooo…hubby has been on vacation all month long and I guess its kind of like a vacation for me too. We actually kicked off the month with a quick vacation to Sarasota because he has been working non stop all year long with out using his time off. We weren't sure where we even wanted to go, so we settled on a quick trip to Sarasota because we love it there. Its slow paced and sometimes we just need that; They also have a plethora of restaurants with gluten free menus.

Vacation-So having hubby home for a whole month has been great. We have been working out outside -which is something I have not done since I moved- and exploring the area. Long story short everyone over here is balling and I love looking at all their McMansions (no shade). They are beautiful. While I maintain that I never want to live in another house again, there is a house over here that looks like a mini castle. It kind of tickled my fancy.

Thanksgiving- So this year thanksgiving was at my moms house, but I still cooked several sides. I have always disliked Thanksgiving, but my love of cooking has made it quite enjoyable. This year I made black eyed peas (my fav), sautéed spinach (because she is already making greens), stuffing with gravy, and mac and cheese (secret recipe lol). Everything being organic and gluten free. Honestly, I have been on a food high all month long because I am finding so many new places to find healthy gluten free organic foods. I know, I need to do a food haul because I have not done one in forever.

The City- The city is always great. We skipped quite a few events this month because I was not feeling well, but we did a lot that I loved such as the paint and wine night, the music festival at Water Works Park, and I got to have lunch with some of Dan's co workers a few times. We went to this Indian place that has amazing spicy food. As the season is once again bound to change, I am always looking out my window at that bridge (to be correct there are three bridges). Its been foggy, rainy, cold, sunny, and hot. The view has changed marginally, but its always beautiful.

December is my favorite month of the year. I am looking forward to everything that it will bring and I hope that I have a chance to blog because thats always fun. Thanks for reading!

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