My Shoe Collection: Spotlight on the Luxe Collection

So, I have this massive shoe collection and I realized I never spotlight any of the heels other than when I first buy them. In this blog post, I wanted to talk about Just Fab's Luxe line. The Luxe line is among my favorite of all of my shoe collection because they are higher quality and I am expecting to have & wear these heels for a very long time.

The Luxe line specializes in higher quality materials such as leather, suede, pony hair, metals, or glass beads. They feature designs that are always popular and on trend. The best thing about this line is that you can use coupon codes. The Luxe line rivals that of Steve Madden's shoes which are also leather and feature many of the same materials and designs, but at a higher price point.

Now, earlier this year Just Fab decided to expand the price points of the Luxe line down to 39.95. Prior to this it was 49.95 (which was always flats) to 95.95 (boots). The only thing I can say is I am happy about the price changes, but some of the newer boots are not higher quality material as listed above. So, you  have to read the item description before purchasing if you are looking for those particular materials.

So, there is my quick re-cap on the Luxe line and now I will show you my collection. I am planning to add about 4 pairs to it this month (I am actually expecting 2 pairs today). I am also looking forward to seeing the winter releases. I will also update this post with any new heels I get.

(Ankle Boots leather) Hinton
 (Tall Boots leather) Durham

(Ankle Boot suede)  Palmer
(Ankle Boot suede) Griffin
(Wedges suede) black and taupe, Foster

(Glass Bead Heel) Raven
(Glass Bead Flats) frost & Marsh
(Glass Bead) Slingbacks Gillen,
(Glass Bead Platform) Heels Turlington

(Metal spikes) black & red, Bootie Jagger (this one  is not leather or suede, but man made materials).
(Metal chains) Adderson (this one  is not leather or suede, but man made materials).

(Leather Heels with the Bow) Fairfield
(Leather Ankle Strap) Caldecott

(Animal Print Pony Hair) Pfiefer
(Animal Print Pony Hair Flats) Lawrence
(Animal Print Pony Hair Minimalist heel) Delatore



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