Hello Kitty Headquarters: My Closet Office Tour & Organization 2014

Hi loves! My closet office has been a work in progress for the last three years. I have slowly been acquiring items that I need or will make my life easier as I work out of my office. I wanted to do an update because I have finally found an office arrangement that works for me. Also, my office is more organized now than it was last time I did a video.

I will be moving this month and changing my office again, but for right now this is how my office has been for the last year. I have no idea if I will keep the same color scheme and theme when I move so I will probably do another update with in the next year. For now I will update you all with any new items that I have gotten!

Hello Kitty was the inspiration for this room.

My Perfume Collection

And this is my beautiful mess! I am hoping that when I move I will have a better organization set up because I have over 50 purses.



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