Peter Pilotto For Target (This Sunday)

Peter Pilotto For Target 2014

Its about that time again where everyone is clamoring to get at the latest Target designer collaboration. This year is the label Peter Pilotto which will feature resort style womenswear, swimwear, bags, and shoes. Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos are the designers behind the PETER PILOTTO label specializing in bold prints. This will be the first Target collaboration that will be available in stores, on the Target website, and internationally via NET-A-PORTER. 

This may be the first time I ever go to Target the morning of a collab debut. Although I pride myself in finding (usually) everything on my wishlist without having to fight the crowds, I usually have to order online and go to at least 4 Targets after the fact. Will I be one of the hopefuls lined up at Target this Sunday February 9th? 

Well initially I was not feeling the bold prints of the line and I also was not feeling the idea of resortwear coming out in February. But, it grew on me. I found a few pieces that I think would add some color and vibrancy to my already exorbitant wardrobe.

So I have made my wishlist. I am going to go to Target. Lets see what I find on Sunday!

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