Natural Hair: 4 Months of Protective Styles

So back in October I charged myself with wearing my natural hair only in protective styles for 30 days. I wrote a blog post with my insights afterwards and I remember emphatically saying I was not a fan of the twist outs because they left my hair dry. I mainly have done wash and goes for the duration of my natural hair journey (which will be 2 years this month) and have not been bothered by the constant washing and air drying. I am here now after going on 4 months of wearing my hair in twist outs to tell you all I have been converted! It took my finding products that worked well in my hair. Its no secret that I started using As I Am Naturally in my hair in November and for me that was a game changer.

With those products I get beautiful results that are consistent every time. My hair is also well moisturized. As a result of this I now can say that I prefer twist outs to wash and goes. Why?

1. The back of my hair does not tangle when I sleep.
2.Its low maintenance (I wear my twist outs for 2-3 weeks).
3. I retain more length.
4. And yes, I have less shrinkage.

I have not done my annual length check, but I can tell that my hair has grown--and retained--several inches since October. Just eyeballing it it appears to be about 4 inches. That's not anything new, but I was loosing length due to single strand knots before. Now that my hair is almost armpit length it can be a lot to handle at times. Although I love my curls dealing with the amount of hair I have can be overwhelming as it gets longer. As I always say when people as me how do I do it? I just try to stay calm when de-tangling and washing and styling my hair.

So that's it. I love twist outs. I may do a wash and go once a month for 2-3 days because I do miss my natural curls, but I love the versatility of twist outs. I will be experimenting with a lot of new styles this year. I hope you all will enjoy them.

P.S. this weeks video tutorial was a major fail lol. I just couldn't get my hair to do what I wanted it to do. And I always say for me life is always easier when I let my hair do what it wants to do.
My first twist out in October 2014 (the end of the first 30 days of protective styling)

a twist out from early November 2014

my twist out from January 2014

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