Building a New Wardrobe for 2014 (On a Budget)

Hi guys! I made a video like this last year and it got some good response so I wanted to follow up with Winter '14. I know that Winter will last only 4-5 more weeks, but here in South Florida winter just started for me (and I am excited). My methods always stay the same when I style my wardrobe. Re-use and Re-cycle and buy only a few new items. Some key points from the video:

      I but most of my winter clothes at the end of the winter season on sale. Usually dirt cheap. Great stores for winter clothes are H&M (they always have a huge winter sale), JC Penney, and my favorite Macy's.

Don't buy anything that wont be in style by next winter or winters to come.

I like to use most of my money for key items like boots and only buy a few new clothing items like crew neck sweaters, light jackets, and scarves.

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