2014 Wash and Go Routine w Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera (Pt. 2 Battle of the Stylers)

Hi loves! So this is the second part of the battle of the stylers video. I wanted to do videos for both products because they are both a part of my wash and go routine and they both have very different results as far as definition goes. This is the routine that I used for almost all of 2013.

In both videos I used the praying hands method which I feels helps me smooth the product over the strands evenly.

Shaking out the curls- I don't always do this, but its great if you eant fuller and more seperated curls. I have done wash and goes with and without the shake and I like both ways. To see the outcome of my wash and go when I don't shake the curls just click here

The didifference between the products: the As I Am jelly is a bit sticky and has less hold, but more moisture. The curls were defined just differently and my hair was fluffier. The aloe vera leaves my hair a bit crunchy and not as moisturized, but the ends were more defined because its perfectly pH balanced. I also have less shrinkage with the AVG. 

To see part one battle of the stylers As I Am Curling Jelly click here

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