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2014 Wash and Go Routine w Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera (Pt. 2 Battle of the Stylers)

Hi loves! So this is the second part of the battle of the stylers video. I wanted to do videos for both products because they are both a part of my wash and go routine and they both have very different results as far as definition goes. This is the routine that I used for almost all of 2013.
In both videos I used the praying hands method which I feels helps me smooth the product over the strands evenly.
Shaking out the curls- I don't always do this, but its great if you eant fuller and more seperated curls. I have done wash and goes with and without the shake and I like both ways. To see the outcome of my wash and go when I don't shake the curls just click here

The didifference between the products: the As I Am jelly is a bit sticky and has less hold, but more moisture. The curls were defined just differently and my hair was fluffier. The aloe vera leaves my hair a bit crunchy and not as moisturized, but the ends were more defined because its perfectly pH balanced. I also hav…

2014 Wash and Go: Battle of the Stylers (As I Am Naturally Curling Jelly)

So... I am a fan of using pH balanced products. I wanted to do a two part video update to show how I utilize both the As I Am Curling Jelly as well as the Aloe Vera gel. In both videos I will use the praying hands method as well as curly girl method. A review will be following for the As I Am Curling Jelly. Whrn iy comes to the As I Am Jelly I had to be very careful yo noy get it in my eyes or mouth because it has wheat protein in it and I am gluten intolerant. Other than that I really liked the results.

Its been so long since I did a wash and go and my hair has grown a few inches I actually felt like a fish out of water doing this to my hair. I was happy with the results. I feel every gel is going to yield

different results and for this gel its properties give me loose springy spiral curls. I will be uploading a part two to this video today also which consists of using aloe vera gel as a curl definer. Both ways are a part of my current wash and go regimen.

Check out part two battle …

Navy Striped Blazer+Skinny Jeans

Blazer H&M (on sale) similar here|Jeans Levis 35s here|boots Shoe dazzle Sharlene here| Crop Tee Urban OG (old)|Lipstick MAC Heroine

Winter Collective Haul

new upload days:Mondays and Thursdays.

Rayban Clubmasters In black (polarized) this was considered a special order so they took 2 weeks to get back from Rayban here

Gold chain and beaded chain from lens crafters

Gold Pants New York & Co here

White button up blouse New York & Co here

Black and White Pants New York & Co here

Heart Sweater New York & Co here

LOVE sweater New York & Co here

Filgree collar necklace New York & Co
Quilted Forever 21 Moto Jacket ( could not find it on the website, but its in the store)

This is not a sponsored video

Winter Whites:Vintage Styled Lace Dress

Hope you all are having a great first day of the week!

Dress H&M (old) similar dress here & here| Clutch Just Fab Uptown Lace here|Necklace Jewelmint|Tights New York & Co|Booties Just Fab Venezia here

Natural Hair: 2 years Natural Length (Anniversary) Check

I always do a length check on the the anniversary of my big chop.
2 years natural this week on the 26th! The front of my hair grows slower than the rest and the back grows the quickest. My hair is in a twist out which I am going to re-twist and wear for another week.

Measurements shown for 2014 as well as 2013 in the bottom right hand corner of the video. I really hope that my hair continues to grow and stay healthy and hopefully this time next year I will be BSL. 

2014 Beauty Favorites

Hi loves! I don't do a lot of beauty related reviews so I am taking the time to talk about my most used products as well as a quick review of each!

Building a New Wardrobe for 2014 (On a Budget)

Hi guys! I made a video like this last year and it got some good response so I wanted to follow up with Winter '14. I know that Winter will last only 4-5 more weeks, but here in South Florida winter just started for me (and I am excited). My methods always stay the same when I style my wardrobe. Re-use and Re-cycle and buy only a few new items. Some key points from the video:

      I but most of my winter clothes at the end of the winter season on sale. Usually dirt cheap. Great stores for winter clothes are H&M (they always have a huge winter sale), JC Penney, and my favorite Macy's.

Don't buy anything that wont be in style by next winter or winters to come.

I like to use most of my money for key items like boots and only buy a few new clothing items like crew neck sweaters, light jackets, and scarves.

Winter Dayz (OOTD)

This is a typical outfit I would wear on a Florida winter day. As long as I have tights and a jacket everything is "wavy gravy". I am in a love affair with these boots since I held out for so long on buying them. I love that they give me so much height. I also can't wait to style them for the upcoming seasons. I am loving this single breasted pea coat. I bought this last February at Macy's over 60% off. I always buy my winter clothes in February since in Florida winter will be coming to an end by then.
Striped dress Daily Look here|Single breasted pea coat XOXO Macy's (old)|Scarf Express (old)|tights NY&Co (in store) Similar here|booties Shoe Dazzle Sharlene here.

Fitted Striped Pants + Quilted Moto Jacket ( OOTD)

The pants really reminded me of a classic black and white piece that can be styled and resyled over again. New York & Co is getting better and better at putting out classic pieces that are unique. Pants from NYC usually run big on me in a 0, but the cut and fit of these are great. If you are petite you will probably love these slim fitting pants! 
This jacket is giving me life plain and simple! All last year insearched for a cute moto jacket that was under $50. I coupd not believe it when I came into Forever 21 and saw this amazing jacket for $39.95!

jacket Forever 21 (in store) similar here| pants New York & Co here| Boots Just Fab Hinton here|

January Just Fab & Shoe Dazzle Haul & Review (all boots)!

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Items shown

Durham in Black and Brown
Hinton in Burgandy

Shoe Dazzle
Sharlene in Black and Khaki

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