Cold Weather: Moto Boots From Just Fab Styled as an OOTD and OOTN

How many times has it been cold out and you automatically grab the knee length boots or ankle boots? The first time I saw boots similar to these I was so,enamored. It was like no boot I ever owned before. Unfortunately, even on sale Vince Camuto wanted 180.00 for his moto boots so they stayed right there lol. Can you imagine how happy I was when Just Fab pre-released a photo of these moto boots. I knew right then I was ordering them on the 1st of the month when they became available.

Just Fab Super Skinny Moto Jeans here 
Ribbed A Shirt here & hat Forever 21 similar here
Faux Leather Jacket New York & Co here & in stores

Moto Boots Sasson Just Fab here

Just Fab Law here

Just Fab Equity here

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