Spring Twilight: The Dark Daisy

So I received these jeans from Just Fab to wear and review. I love floral jeans, but with these being black I may have never come around to buying these myself. Upon receiving them I did like the muted out colors and the abstract prints of the daisies. That's something that is not readily apparent from just seeing them on the website. These are more of a non-traditional daisy print which makes them unique. With that being said I do love the colors that were used which are royal blue, purple, and teal. All jewel tones which means these pants will style easily with all other

 jewel tones  The jeans have a higher cut than regular jeans which make them comfortable. They don't need to be broken in you can wear them the day you get them!

Why I chose the name "Spring at Twilight"  Because of the beautiful floral print against the black. It reminds me of a spring garden at twilight. How enchanting!

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