Avon Nail Glitter Tutorial

Avon nail polish in Licorice here
Hi guys!! So I recently started selling Avon and I have discovered their fantastic nail polish! The first thing I want to say about this polish is that it is very very shiny and you don't need several coats. With that being said I purchased the loose nail glitter from campaign 20 and here is the tutorial on how I got the look!

Avon Nail Polish color Jade here.

Avon loose nail glitter in iridescent here

I have already applied a base coat. Now I am applying the black nail polish.

I am only painting one nail mint.

While nails are still wet get the loose pot of nail glitter and dip your finger in it. You can just do the tips or the full nail.

You can also use tape to do specific designs. This can be a little trickier.

So this is how the tip looks after it has been dipped in the loose glitter.

Next apply a top coat of clear polish over the loose powder to set it. I found that you get better results if you paint the tips clear after you have done the rest of the nail so it doesn't drag the glitter over the whole nail.

This is the finished look! I have a tutorial going up on YouTube tomorrow on how to dry your nails quickly as well as a giveaway! Check it out!



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