Washington D.C. Hot Child in the City O.O.T.N.

So, I got to wear this playsuit from Asos FINALLY! I have been waiting for just the right time to wear it. I bought it on sale in May, but it is even cheaper right now on the website! On this night my hubby and I were in Washington D.C. and I had planned a really romantic dinner for us, however things didn't go according to my plans. Nevertheless, I still got to wear this awesome 
outfit. My favorite part is the chain belt. Due to the lack of lighting in my hotel I couldn't get any good photos of the outfit, but I did get video!

The YouTube Video



  1. Hi,

    Ooh, I did not know this was a backout too, SUPER CUTE...LUV IT!!Where are you orignally from? Maybe next year or so when you come back to DC, we can have lunch or something. I would luv to meet you, such a classy lady...

    1. Thanks! I am from Florida! I would love to go up there again bc there is just SO much to see and do! I didn't nearly have as much time in the city as I would have liked! I am hoping one day to do some meet and greets in different states and D.C. is definitely on my list! I couldn't believe how many great restaurants there were that I walked past downtown. Thanks for stopping by!!