Black Barbie O.O.T.D (Outfit of the Day)

Hi Loves! So I bet your wondering what the title is all about?? Well, today when I was out someone said to me you look like a black barbie today! Well, that's where the title came from. I love this outfit. It came from Asos in its entirety. I took a chance on the bra top (bc I was planning on wearing it with the black skirt). I had to pull the skirt way up so my stomach wouldn't show, but I loved how it looked. And I'm still drooling over those gold toe If you like the clothes I have from Asos check out my YouTube page for my collective Asos haul! Hope you all enjoy xoxo!

Asos Sydney Gold Toe pump

Asos (RiverIsland) Bralet and Asos peplum skirt

Jewelmint Plume Paradise earrings

Zara Shopper Basket

Asorted jewelry...Michael Kors watch, jewelmint, Macys and Forever 21

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